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National Campaign Day: Norfolk Police

UNISON Members in Norfolk are being asked by UNISON to help raise awareness of Police Community Support Officers (PCSOS). A day of action is to take place on Saturday 2 December 2017.

Activists from across the Union are invited to come to Norfolk and help deliver a campaign leaflet to every door in the Norwich North constituency.

You may have seen in local and national press the Chief Constable of Norfolk Police announced the disbanding of the entire Police Community Support Officer workforce. This is the first force in the Country to propose such a radical move. It represents not on a major threat to our members in Norfolk but to UNISON members in police forces across the UK.

PCSOs were first introduced in 2002 to add capacity for a new, much larger model of neighbourhood policing. PCSOs are not police officers, they do not have powers of a police constable, nor do they carry any weapons. but they dress like Police constables and wear the police insignia. If you see police on the streets it will invariably be a PCSO.

The job of a PCSO is to provide a high visible police presence on our streets, helping to deter crime and disorder. PCSOs build close relationships with the community, they do proactive work in local schools, engage with vulnerable people, supporting marginalised groups, all essential work that helps to give people the confidence that they need to feel safe.

The campaign day will start from 10:30am, volunteers will be allocated to a team and given a delivery round, normally taking a couple of hours to complete. but the more people we get the quicker we will finish. We aim to deliver a campaign leaflet through every door in Norwich North. Chloe Smith is the MP for Norwich North, she is a Government Whip and supports the plans to scrap all PCSOs.

If you can come along please go to Christ Church Centre, Magdalen Road, Norwich NR3 4LA for 10:30am Saturday 2 December.  There is more information at email or 01284 772 564