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Mental health matters UNISON’s national campaign

Mental health matters UNISON’s national campaign

Mental health services across the UK are struggling as a result of chronic underfunding and increased demand. This is having a negative effect on people who use these services and on the health and wellbeing of the staff who provide them.

Source: Mental health matters | Campaigns | UNISON National

UNISON Broadland is committed to supporting its members; if you wish to discuss any welfare issue please contact your branch representative

Public Service Champions Campaign

Every hour of every day, people who work in public services help make everyone’s lives better.

UNISON has launched a national campaign for members of the public to send messages of thanks to their public services who have supported/helped them.

You can find out more about our Public Service Champions campaign on the following link, including a link to send a thank you message.

Source: Public Service Champions | Campaigns | UNISON National

Several responders only give their first name and few have been anonymous.

how have public services helped you? what makes you proud to be a public service worker? Let us know in the comments below!