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Being Human: The biggest humanities festival

Being Human: The biggest humanities festival

No not the cult TV show about a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost finding their way to fit into society while not giving in to their new instincts; this is a national festival celebrating humanity.

A range of events are running in Norwich City and online in support of Refugee History Week in November.

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Broadland UNISON supporting Being Human events


Learning and Open University grants for UNISON members

UNISON is offering grants to members studying at further education or first degree levels as part of the support we offer to help members get ahead and develop their careers.

The following grants are available for members studying at their own expense in 2017:

  • learning support grants of £100 for members on further education courses or first degree level courses;
  • Open University grants of £200 for 60 point courses at first degree level with the OU or £60 for 30 point courses

Read the full information on the below link where you can also apply for support.

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