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Branch Executive Minutes 29 September 2017


The Branch Executive have approved their latest minutes and for transparency, you can download them below and see what we are up to.  In September we discussed:

  • Broadland PRP
  • Clarion representation and branch arrangements
  • Memberships
  • Branch Action Plan
  • Work/Life Balance policy event
  • UNISON Pay Campaign
  • Branch Budget
  • Equalities Update
  • Welfare Update, including emergency grant applications
  • Brexit
  • Donations to Sylvia Pankhurst Memorial
  • Regional Deputy Convenor

Unison Executive Committee Minutes 2017 09 29

Members are welcome to attend Executive meetings, join the Executive in vacant roles and suggest points for discussion. Pop us an email to


Branch Minutes 4 August 2017

The latest agreed minutes from the Branch Executive are now available to download. The meeting held 4 August 2017 discussed:

  • Flexible retirement policy
  • Safeguarding disabled employees
  • Broadland Pay Review
  • Branch budget
  • Branch Equalities
  • Branch welfare
  • Public Sector Pay Cap campaign
  • Trades Council and Labour Party affiliation
  • Recruitment approaches
  • Norfolk Libraries scheme ‘Tricky Period’
  • Donations to Fighting Fund Officers

Unison Executive Committee Minutes 4 August 2017