Your Representatives

Shown below is a list of your Broadland Unison representatives along with their position titles. Also included is their contact information.

Please feel free to contact a rep with any queries or questions you may have!

If you are unsure who to contact you can also email for general advice.

Branch Secretary – Becky Tye phone 01603 430589

Branch Chairman – David Poole-Gotto  phone 01603 430610

Treasurer – Sarah Clark

Welfare Officer – John Dell phone 01603 430582

Membership and Administration – Stacy Cosham Phone 01603 430567

Equalities Representative – Natalie Kordeczka-Clarke phone 01603 430618

Learning Representative

Health and Safety Representative

Auditors – Quinton Jolly and Kirstin Hughes /

Clarion Representative – John Gray

Parish Representative:June Hunt

Workplace representatives:
Broadland District Council: Vacant
Clarion: Craig Price