UNISON in Housing Associations


Staff Survey: A positive Result

Clarion management released the results of the staff survey on employee representation, on the afternoon of Friday 27th January, on the staff intranet.

49.6% of staff surveyed completed the survey, which is a good turnout in staff survey terms.

Of those who voted, over 61% supported trade union recognition.

This is a positive result for all staff and gives us a basis to build a positive working relationship with your new employer.

Of those who supported trade union recognition, over 65% selected UNISON as their preferred union. While we did not support staff being asked to select one union in the survey, we are encouraged at the level of support UNISON received.

THANKS VERY MUCH to all the UNISON members who voted and encouraged colleagues to do so. It is thanks to you that this significant result has been achieved for all staff.

We are meeting with the employer on Thursday 2nd February to discuss the results and how we can work in partnership from this point on.

Staff who did not receive a vote

Some staff did not receive a vote. This includes all staff who work for Centra Care and Support. We will raise this with the employer again and ASAP get a view as to how to proceed.

The other subsidiaries who were not included in the vote were:

  • CBS
  • Grange
  • Affinity Sutton Repairs

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