60 things to do in Autumn

60 things to do in Autumn

As the nights get longer and daylight gets shorter it is quite common for humans to feel an energy dip. If we look back to the days before 9-5 jobs this time of year would see our ancestors hibernating after the winter harvest. But in the 21st Century hibernating is now a luxury and most of us can’t really afford it.  But there are some things you can do to give you an energy boost, making the most of the daylight when it is there and helping you out of the winter blues. Here are 60 things to do in Autumn (and winter):

  1. Buy some new stationery: a new notebook and pen can help you feel refreshed and motivated
  2. Dig out your biggest, fluffiest jumper: enjoy the comfort it gives you after a long day
  3. Forage for berries: foraging can be a lot of fun either by yourself or with the family.
  4. Make a berry cordial (or vodka/gin): Get creative with your foraged rewards to enjoy them for longer
  5. When it rains, pop your wellies on and jump in puddles: why should kids have all the fun?
  6. Collect fallen leaves and make an autumn garland: bringing the outdoors indoors can boost your happy hormones
  7. Pick some conkers and play the game
  8. Find some chestnuts and roast them in your oven (and enjoy them)
  9. Get up before dawn and go on a mini sunrise photo shoot
  10. Put on your walking boots and visit a local nature reserve: watching wildlife and being outdoors is a huge stress reliever
  11. Buy some tins from the supermarket and donate to your local food bank
  12. Visit some interesting buildings during Heritage Open Days
  13. Go for a walk in your local woods and marvel at the changing colours
  14. Make a nice soup such as pumpkin or butternut squash
  15. Treat yourself to new thick wool socks
  16. Host a festive party: Halloween, bonfire night offer great opportunities to gather friends and celebrate outside with warm drinks and homemade soups.
  17. Invest in some new blankets to snuggle under when it is too cold outside to play
  18. Write an early letter to Santa: writing your wishes for the next year (or for Christmas) is great for releasing emotions, you don’t have to send it if you don’t want to!
  19. Create a den in the living room to spend an evening watching retro films
  20. Climb a hill and take photos of the sunset
  21. Take a moment for Remembrance Sunday
  22. Take a romantic weekend break somewhere different
  23. Cook a big pot of stew and batch freeze for quick meals when you’re too tired to cook
  24. Go on a guided ghost walk
  25. Write some thank you cards
  26. Send a care package to a friend: just because you are thinking of them
  27. Marvel at the baby pup seals are Horsey/Winterton-next-to-Sea/Blakeney Point
  28. Decorate your front door with an autumn wreath (make the wreath if you feel crafty)
  29. Have a popcorn night with friends
  30. Learn to make something sweet such as toffee apples
  31. Start your Christmas shopping (spreading the cost by starting early can reduce a lot of stress financially and emotionally)
  32. Organise a Secret Santa
  33. Go to an Oktoberfest event
  34. Treat yourself to a spiced pumpkin latté or your fave coffee shop drink
  35. Invest in the warmest hat you can find
  36. Wear something orange
  37. Make some chutneys or jams to enjoy over winter
  38. Search Pinterest for autumn DIY crafts you would enjoy
  39. Eat an epic roast dinner: make it with all the family chipping in or split the bill and enjoy a carvery nearby
  40. Take part in the Great British Walk
  41. Protect Hedgehogs: Make a nice warm home for animals to hibernate in and around your garden
  42. Go on a night time nature walk (guided is best and invest in a head torch)
  43. Learn a new skills such as crochet
  44. Spend a rainy day printing off photos to make an album
  45. Make a garden photo time lapse to watch the change of the season at your home
  46. Visit a pick your own farm
  47. Plant some spring bulbs for your garden or window box
  48. Make an apple crumble
  49. Do a tree top walk
  50. Indulge in a home spa day
  51. Buy a scented candle to help you wind down before bed
  52. Decorate the house with fairy lights or autumn themed lights
  53. Read a gothic novel
  54. Fill a flask with tea and go on a bike ride somewhere
  55. Learn something new (embrace the new academic year by enrolling in a course)
  56. Gather some friends and visit a local English Heritage or National Trust site
  57. Host a board game party with friends/family
  58. Organise a curry night (or a takeaway night) with friends
  59. If you get a sunny day, wrap up in layers and have an autumn picnic at a local park
  60. Make a playlist on Spotify of all your favourite tunes from the year so far, keep adding to it and use it for a New Years party

Got any tips to cheer yourself up during autumn/winter, add to the list in the comments below!


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