Public response to Unions Champions Campaign

InFocus Magazine highlights how the public have taken to the Union’s Public Services Champions Campaign as reported to the National Executives Councils (NEC) in October. Here is a snapshot of that article for the purposes of raising more awareness of the campaign during #OurDay:

UNISON’s campaign to build support for public services among members, the general public and politicians is resonating with people the union has never reached before.

The Public Services Champion’s campaign follows a decision at the union’s national delegate conference in June, and has “touched a nerve” with members who see the union speaking up for them “in the worst of political circumstances”.

Launched at September’s Labour Party conference, the campaign is raising awareness of how vital public services and the full team of workers who provide them are, and encouraging people to say ‘thank you’.

It follows research showing that while public services rank highly as a concern for people, they’re not seen as an urgent issue.

A second phase of the campaign will highlight the threat these services and workers face.

The campaign’s success with people beyond the union’s usual reach is illustrated by a discussion praising the full range of public service workers that it generated on the Mumsnet website.

UNISON members and the services they work to provide are experiencing a difficult time, after eight years of austerity cuts. Now Members face political and economic uncertainty with a new Conservative administration since the vote to leave the EU. […]

The website for the campaign is here you can add your own “thank you” and read “thank you stories”.


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