#OurDay celebrating the unsung heroes behind our public services

Since November 2012 the Local Government Association has organised an annual celebration of public sector workers called #OurDay. The idea behind #OurDay is to celebrate the unsung heroes of our public services.  Run as a twenty-four hour tweetathon to raise the profile of the great work delivered every day by those working in councils and other public services.

This year #OurDay will take place Tuesday 15 November 2016. Will you take part?

Background to #OurDay?

OurDay began in 2012 as part of the UK’s contribution to International Social Media Week. We wanted to encourage more public sector organisations to use social media to engage with people in their communities and this seemed like a great way to do it. LGA spent a long time considering what the name should be and in the end decided that public services are for everyone – we’re all touched by them in some way at some point in our lives, which is why #OurDay seemed appropriate, as it could be used by those working in public services to tell people about what they do and the wide variety of roles, but equally, it could be used by members of the community to say something positive about their local services.

The point of #OurDay is an opportunity for people working and volunteering in public services to tell people what they do on an average day, providing services to the community. From teachers, highways engineers and foster carers to football coaches, waste operatives and environmental health officers and many more – it’s a day to celebrate the fantastic work done by our unsung heroes.

There’s far too much bad press for public service, #OurDay is a way to tell the good stories – from the everyday to the inspirational and extraordinary!

Get involved

Whoever you are, whether you work in public services, or not, if you’re a councillor, a volunteer or a member of the community with something positive to say, you can get involved.

It’s simple to join in! Share your public service story on Twitter using the hashtag #OurDay throughout the day. Alternatively, blog about your experiences and share a link with the hashtag online.

Broadland Branch wants its members to get involved too, so we are opening up our Twitter feed on your behalves. Email what you want us to share in our feed to unison@broadland.gov.uk. Send us photos of what you are doing, share your views on how public services help you, and raise awareness of a community project you are delivering. We want to celebrate YOU!


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