How I relax. UNISON Members share their tips

We know that after a long day at the office there is nothing more tempting (and needed) than to relax. UNISON magazine U asked members to share their favourite ways of relaxing and here’s what they said:

  • I work part-time and as soon as I get home I take my dog for a long walk. Spending time with him is a great way to start the rest of my day.
  • I knit a lot. That is a very calming occupation. I meet up with friends and sit and knit or I knit on my own at home. I always have some knitting with me in my bag so I can knit when I’m travelling.
  • I do capoeira, the Brazilian martial art/dance. It’s good that it is comprehensive, you learn music, culture, balance, flexibility and Brazilian Portuguese. The class is outside of work. At the moment I am still trying to persuade folks in my department to come. I am going to see if we can set up a Sheffield City Council capoeira taster session.
  • Working on my allotment and walking down the canal help a lot. Anything that gets you closer to nature and beauty. God, I sound like a hippy¬! I can’t tell you what a godsend it was for me to get an allotment; I can’t imagine life without it now.
  • The thing I found that helped me relax last year was joining a running club. With all the cut backs to I just needed a way to take my mind away from work. And at the time running seemed to be the answer. It had been a goal of mine for many years to run the Great North Run and nine month after training had begun, I ran the race. A month later my daughter was born so my running shoes aren’t getting the same mileage as they did last year.
  • One of the ways I have to unwind is a regular board games night, with friends from across the company in a local pub.
  • I unwind playing walking football for the over 45’s. It helps fitness, agility and wellbeing for older people, plus it is a great way of still playing football when you are older and sometime less mobile. There are national tournaments and leagues and its available for men and women.
  • I started yoga at lunchtimes to help unwind. Whilst some of the instructors are a little ‘out there’ one of them emphasises calm thoughts and breathing techniques that really do help fuel a calm feeling. It is nice to take a bit of me time in the middle of the day to recharge my batteries, take a break from the office environment and all those other stressful things in life!

Let us know what your favourite ways to unwind and relax in the comments!

Don’t forget that Broadland has several books on mindfulness and relaxation/meditation available for staff to borrow as well as some calming CD’s for restful sleep. Contact to access the full list and reserve.


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