Young Workers campaigning for living wage

UNISON Banner Campaigns

Young activists took to Leicester high street and persuaded more than 1,000 members of the public to back the living wage as part of the annual young member’s weekend in May 2016. Many of the 100 plus young members had never done any public campaigning before. The exercise was a huge success, highlighting the disparity of the real living wage (£8,25 per hour and £9.40 in London) compared to the Conservatives living wage for 25’s and over (£7.20 per hour).

Young members were consultation on key prioritise for the coming year, with regions, elf-organised groups, labour link and apprentices groups all getting the chance to feed into the forum’s work plan. Looking ahead, forum vice-chair Kati Conway added that they want to launch a campaign “young workers are worth it – not worth less” that will be an umbrella for all the things they wish take up.

The Northern region young member’s forum were announced as the inaugural winners of UNIOSN Yong Workers Campaign award. Their campaign included a free social event for young members raising the profile of the union and the danger of the Trade Union Bill. You can watch a film of the event online.


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