Post Offices under attack

The Post Office have announced a further tranche of Post Office Branch closures or franchises, this will lead to compulsory redundancies.

It is vital that we gain widespread publicity in our campaign in order to highlight to the wider public that our Great British institution is being systematically dismantled. The Post Office is part of our fabric of society and its synergies with Royal Mail make it imperative to protect.

The destruction of the Post Office cannot continue with so many jobs at risk – the public need to know that this is potentially another British Steel. ‎

The CWU have organised a publicity tour around Britain. An open top bus will be touring parts of Scotland Wales and England arriving in London on the 22nd July at City Hall at 11am. On the side of a bus will be a giant 6 metre by 6 metre postcard. The giant postcard, signed by as many people as possible will be handed in to BIS on the afternoon of Friday 22nd July. Prior to that, on the morning of Friday 22nd we will be taking the postcard off the bus, framing it and taking it onto the steps of City Hall (from around 11am). We are involving the London Mayor Sadiq Khan in this activity (timings to be confirmed).

Editor note: Full details are included in their Post Offices Under Attack leaflet


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