Convoy to Calais

“Now more than ever we need a huge response to the refugee crisis to counter the racist rhetoric across Europe trying to demonise and disenfranchise victims of war, oppression and poverty. Some of the largest mass movements in Britain have joined together with major trade unions to show solidarity.

If you can give aid of any sort, material or financial, for our Convoy to Calais please do. Better still come on the Convoy yourself. Any vehicle will do: lorry, bus, coach, van, minibus, car, taxi, motorbike or scooter!

This is practical aid but it is also a huge moving protest at the way governments across the continent are failing refugees. This is the time to come together and say: stop the scapegoating, solidarity with the refugees.”


Stand up to Racism, People’s Assembly Against Austerity, Unite the Union, Communications Workers Union, Momentum, Stop the War Coalition, Muslim Association of Britain

For more information email –

Download PDF Flyers here:

Download Model Resolution here:

convoy to calais


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